Saturday, June 20, 2009

On the Occasion of World Refugee Day

Press Release
Badil Resource Center for Residency and Refugee Rights

Palestinian Refugees: A Wound to the Conscience of Humanity that Gets
Deeper With Every Year

Occupied Bethlehem, 20 June 2009 - Statistics released by UN agencies on
the occasion of the 2009 World Refugee Day testify to the fact that
Palestinian refugees are the largest and longest standing refugee
population world wide. They lack access to just solutions and
reparations, including return, because Israel and western governments
continue to deny or belittle the scope of the problem and make no effort
to respect and implement relevant international law and best practice.

According to a forthcoming Survey of Palestinian Refugees and Internally
Displaced Persons for the years 2007-2008 produced by Badil, at least
7.6 million Palestinians have been forcibly displaced since 1948 as a
consequence of Israel's systematic policies and practices of
colonization, occupation and apartheid. That figure represents 71
percent of the entire worldwide population of 10.6 million Palestinians.
Only 28.7 percent of all Palestinians have never been displaced from
their homes.

The great majority of the displaced (6.2 million people - 81.5 percent)
are Palestinian refugees of 1948 (the Nakba), who were ethnically
cleansed in order to make space for the state of Israel and their
descendants. This figure includes 4.7 million Palestinian refugees
registered with the United Nations (UNRWA) at the end of 2008. The
second major group (940,000 – 12.5%) are Palestinian refugees of 1967,
who were displaced during the 1967 Arab-Israel war and their descendants.

More attention and concern should be given to the phenomenon of forced
displacement of Palestinians because it is ongoing.

Steadily growing populations of internally displaced Palestinians (IDPs)
are the result of ongoing forced displacement in Israel (approximately
335,000 IDPs since 1948) and the Occupied Palestinian Territory since
1967 (approximately 120,000 IDPs since 1967). Badil's Survey identifies
a set of distinct, systematic and widespread Israeli policies and
practices which induce ongoing forced displacement among the indigenous
Palestinian population, including deportation and revocation of
residency rights, house demolition, land confiscation, construction and
expansion of Jewish-only settlements, closure and segregation, as well
as threats to life and physical safety as a result of military
operations and harassment by racist Jewish non-state actors. Israeli
governments implement these policies and practices in order to change
the demographic composition of certain areas (“Judaization”) and the
entire country for the purpose of colonization.

Data about the scope of ongoing forced displacement of Palestinians is
illustrative and indicative, because there is no singular institution or
agency mandated and resourced to ensure systematic and sustained
monitoring and documentation. The total number of persons displaced in
2007 – 2008 is unknown. UN agencies, however, confirm that 100,000
Palestinians were displaced from their homes in the occupied Gaza Strip
at during Israel's military operation at the end of the year; that 198
communities in the OPT currently face forced displacement; and that
60,000 Palestinians in occupied East Jerusalem are at risk of having
their home demolished by Israel.

The Palestinian refugee question has remained unresolved and forced
displacement continues, because Western governments and international
organizations have been complicit in Israel's illegal policy and
practice of population transfer and have failed to protect the
Palestinian people. Indicators of the severe gaps existing in the
protection of Palestinian refugees and IDPs are seen in the recent
crises in Iraq - where thousands of Palestinian refugees became stranded
on the Jordanian/Syrian and Iraqi borders, Lebanon - where 27,000
Palestinians refugees of the Naher al-Bared camp are still waiting to
return to their 2007 destroyed camp, and Gaza - where over 1,400
Palestinians were killed and 100,000 displaced, most of them 1948

On this World Refugees Day, Badil calls upon all those concerned with
justice, human rights and peace to:

Challenge Israel's racist notion of the “Jewish state” and immediately
halt its practices of displacement, dispossession and colonization;
Strengthen the global Campaign for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions
(BDS) in order to ensure that Israel other states become accountable to
international law and respect their obligations;
Improve the mechanism of international protection so that all
Palestinians receive effective protection from, during and after forced
displacement, including the right to return as part of durable solutions
and reparation;
Ensure that the Palestinian refugee question is treated in accordance
with international law and UN resolutions in future peace negotiations,
including return and reparation.


  1. "7.6 million Palestinians have been forcibly displaced since 1948 as aconsequence of Israel's systematic policies and practices of
    colonization, occupation and apartheid. That figure represents 71percent of the entire worldwide population of 10.6 million Palestinians.Only 28.7 percent of all Palestinians have never been displaced from
    their homes"....

    hmmm does not coincide with factual data, history and over 3000 years of info:

    "I want to clear up some misconceptions about who the Palestinians are and their claim on the land of Israel. The land of Israel has never belonged to Palestinians. NEVER! It was labeled Palestina by the Roman emperor Hadrian in a.d. 130, but there has never been a land called Palestine. THer is no Palestinian language. Before 1948, the people now called Palestininans lived in Egypt. THey lived in Syria. They lived in Iraq. They moved into the land of Israel when they were displaced by the war of 1948, which the ARab nations started, but Israel is not occupying territory these people now call home. Referring to Israel as "occupied territory" is propaganda. Israel abandoned the Gaza Strip in an effort to achieve peace, but it backfired. Gaza is now the foundation of a terrorist state headed by the Hamas terrorist organizations, which is sworn to Israel's destruction"

  2. further more....

    "Throughout history, the Jewish People has maintained a presence in Jerusalem, ever since King David established the city as his capital nearly 3,000 years ago. Except for a very few periods, when they were forcibly barred from living in the city by foreign conquerors, Jews have always lived in Jerusalem. It is for this reason that Jews regard the city as their national center. Indeed, it is the centrality of the connection with Jerusalem -- Zion -- which led the modern Jewish movement for national liberation to be called Zionism. Throughout millennia, and in the face of conquest, forced exile, violence and discrimination, Jews have maintained their direct link to Jerusalem, returning to live in their city again and again.

    The Jewish national and religious tie to Jerusalem was first established by King David and Solomon, his son, who built the first Temple there. This First Commonwealth lasted over 400 years, until the Babylonians conquered Jerusalem and exiled the Jewish inhabitants of the city. Immediately following the Persian defeat of the Babylonians, the Jews returned to Jerusalem less than 100 years later, rebuilt their Temple and reestablished the Jewish character of the city.

    For the next 500 years, the Jews further strengthened their presence in Jerusalem, surviving various attempts by foreign empires to destroy their national and religious identity. Greeks, Seleucids and Romans took turns in conquering the city, forbidding Jewish religious practices and encouraging the Jews to assimilate into the dominant culture. Several times, the Jews were forced to take up arms in order to preserve their liberty and heritage. "

  3. further more...

    "Only after the Second Temple was destroyed by Rome in 70 AD, and a subsequent Jewish revolt was crushed in 135 AD, was the Jewish presence in the city temporarily suspended, following the killing or enslavement of the Jewish population by the Romans.

    By the 4th century, some Jews had managed to make their way back to the city. In the 5th century, under early Christian rule, Jews were, at various times, either more or less free to practice their religion. At this time, few non-Christian communities remained in the country, apart from the Jews. Theodosius II (408-450) deprived the Jews of their relative autonomy and their right to hold public positions. Jewish courts were forbidden to sit on mixed Jewish-Christian cases and the construction of new synagogues was prohibited. Jews were forbidden to enter Jerusalem except on one day a year, to mourn the destruction of the Temple.

    At the beginning of the 7th century, the Jews looked to the Persians for salvation. Hoping to be permitted to worship freely once the Byzantine oppression had been removed, the Jews encouraged the Persians' conquest of Acre and Jerusalem, and a Jewish community was subsequently allowed to settle and worship in Jerusalem (614-17), though it was later expelled. Under early Arab rule, a Jewish community was reestablished in Jerusalem and flourished in the 8th century. Jews were even among those who guarded the walls of the Dome of the Rock. In return, they were absolved from paying the poll-tax imposed on all non-Muslims. In the 10th and 11th centuries, however, harsh measures were imposed against the Jews by the Fatimids, who seized power in 969. Though the Jewish academy (Yeshiva) of Jerusalem was compelled by Caliph Al-Hakim to reestablish itself in Ramle, entry to Jerusalem was revived by the "Mourners of Zion", Diaspora Jews who did not cease to lament the destruction of the Temple. This movement, which held that "aliyah" -- ascent to the Land -- would hasten the resurrection of Israel, was at its peak in the 9th-11th centuries. Many Jews came from Byzantium and Iraq and established communities.

    The Crusader period in the 12th century brought terrible massacres of Jews by Christians, and the prohibition against living in Jerusalem. After the conquest of the country by Saladin late in the century, the Jewish community in Jerusalem again grew considerably.

    In 1211, three hundred rabbis from France and England immigrated as a group, many settling in Jerusalem. After the Mamluks took power in 1250, the famous Rabbi Moshe ben Nahman (Nahmanides), traveled from Spain and settled in Jerusalem."

  4. "Jewish communities existed in Jerusalem throughout the Middle Ages, though under economic stress, and religious and social discrimination. During this period, the Jews in the city were supported in large measure by the tourist trade, commerce and contributions from Jews abroad (Europe, the Mediterranean countries and North Africa), who did what they could to help maintain the center of the Jewish People. The Expulsion from Spain and Portugal, in the late 15th century, led to an influx of Jews into the Land, including Jerusalem.

    The 16th and 17th centuries were times of economic hardship for the Jews, during which the population of Jerusalem was somewhat reduced. By the end of the 17th century, however, Jerusalem again emerged as the largest central community of the Jews in the Land. Large numbers of Jews immigrated in the 18th century as a result of the messianic-Shabbatean movement, many coming from Eastern and Central Europe, Italy, and other places. Even so, the majority of Jews in the Land in the 17th and 18th centuries were Sephardic Jews, descendants of those expelled from Spain, and immigrants from Turkey and the Balkan countries.

    During the 19th century, immigration increased and the establishment of the modern Zionist movement revitalized the Jewish community throughout Israel. Jerusalem, which in 1800 numbered about 2,000 Jews (out of a total population of 8,750), grew to 11,000 by 1870 (out of 22,000), and 40,000 (out of 60,000) by 1905. It is the political, cultural and religious center of the State of Israel and of the Jewish People around the world.

    The Biblical Era
    While various origins have been proposed for its Semitic name, Yerushalem -- often translated as "the city of Shalem" -- the Bible recounts in Genesis that Abraham visited King Malchizedek of Shalem, which the commentators equate with Jerusalem. Interestingly, "shalem" is also related grammatically to "shalom," or peace; thus the city's appellation: "City of Peace." The Hebrew root "shalem" also means "wholeness." The first archeological evidence of Jerusalem's history dates back to the Early Bronze Age (c. 3000 BC).

    When David was anointed King of Israel (c. 1000 BC), and subsequently united the tribes of Israel, he captured the city -- which he perceived as an ideal site for the capital of his new kingdom. Then, with the King and the Ark of the Covenant in residence in the city, Jerusalem was transformed into both the political capital and the religious center of Israel. King David's son and successor, Solomon, consolidated Jerusalem's eternal religious significance for all Jews by building the First Temple."

  5. SOWING HATRED AGAINST JEWS IS NOT RIGHT EITHER...I am aware that both people called Palestinians and the People of Israel can hate each other today badly equally! HOWEVER saying this:

    "Challenge Israel's racist notion of the “Jewish state” -----------------------------.....and other posted inaccurate statements here ....

    IS Attacking Israel and HUGE PROPAGANDA.

    If you doubt this, get informed from verifiable trustable sources, on the perennial persecution of Jews making them not 'criminals' but martyrs and victims too....
    ""Anti semitism in Christianity continued with the writings of the early church fathers, a poisonous stream of venom from the mouths of the supposed spiritual leaders. Christian hatred for the Jews, masked as spiritual teaching, reached a climax in the writings of St. John Chrysostom (a.d. 345-407), who was known as the Bishop with the Golden Mouth. The first in a long line of Christian leaders to label the Jews as "Christ Killers", Chrysostom's Jew-hating sermons were classic Christian reading for centuries."

    At Easter, the Christian clergy would enflame the passions of the faithful until the saints would race out of the church with clubs, run to the Jewish quarter, and beat Jews to death for waht they did to Jesus on the cross. It became an annual custom at Easter to drag a Jew into the church and slap him on the face before the altar. "This ceremony was sometimes carried out with excessive vigor, on one occasion, recounts a monkish chronicler (without, however expressing any disapproval), a distinguished nobleman who was taking the part of chief celebrant "knocked out the eyes and the brains of the perfidious one (disbelieving Jew), who fell dead on the spot'...his brethren from the synagogue took the body out of the church and buried it".



    ----------even more importantly


  6. "Palestinian population, including deportation and revocation of
    residency rights, house demolition, land confiscation, construction and
    expansion of Jewish-only settlements, closure and segregation, as well
    as threats to life and physical safety as a result of military
    operations and harassment by racist Jewish non-state actors. Israeli
    governments implement these policies and practices in order to change
    the demographic composition of certain areas (“Judaization”) and the
    entire country for the purpose of colonization."


    I am truly sorry to ask this , where did your words get indoctrinated wrongly from?
    These statements in here are not only inflamatory and racist themselves, they are terrorist propaganda Annie. We suggest you study before you attack a Nation the way you have, based on 'appeal to emotions' and false info. IT'S WRONG TO CONDEMN THE JEWISH NATION THE WAY YOU ARE. Pls get facts straight and try to write more neutral at least. YOu are promoting Hamas terrorism...did you know that? What you are stating is what gets 'ignorant' people to believe wrong and very damaging statemetns, which further inflamate the conflict.

    Pls revise your blog. Its such an insult to millions of people.

  7. Here's historical& political "writen" proof that Palestine is Israel's territory long occupied by Jews since early years of the first millenium:

    "take out of Dean Prideaux, at the year 129, the words of Ammouius, a grammarian, which fully confirm this account of the Idumeans in Josephus: "The Jews," says he, are such by nature, and from the beginning, whilst the Idumeans were not Jews from the beginning, but Phoenicians and Syrians; but being afterward subdued by the Jews, and compelled to be circumcised, and to unite into one nation, and be subject to the same laws, they were called Jews." Dio also says, as the Dean there quotes him, from Book XXXVI, p. 37, "That country is called Judea, and the people Jews; and this name is given also to as many others as embrace their religion, though of other nations." But then upon what foundation so good a governor as Hyrcanus took upon him to compel those Idumeans either to become Jews, or to leave the country, deserves great consideration. I suppose it was because they had long ago been driven out of the land of Edom, and had seized on and possessed the tribe of Simeon, and all the southern parts of the tribe of Judah, which was the peculiar inheritance of the worshippers of the true God without idolatry, as the reader may learn from Reland, Palestine, Part I, p. 154, 305; and from Prideaux, at the years 140 and 165)."

  8. WOW
    who wrote this blog? Take some advice whoever you are, not only are you stupid but you have no right to attack all Jews. You must be a jihadist from palestine. Screw you dumbshit.

  9. From under what rock did you climb out of? Go to school first, learn history to start with, and before you post another freaking lie and attacks as you have to the Jewish Nation, find another career. In fact, read the comments you have already accumulated, there's truth. Yours are lies and complete fabrication of your ignorant drunk mind. Corruption at its best is what I find you write about.

  10. I read yr blog on gay rights. If you so love righteousness and fairness, why do you attack and hate in yr own words, all Jews???? You contradict yourself heavily. Your under the greatest deception of them all. Be careful that what filters in your heart, what clothes you with false notions, and what makes you so sure that your "knowledge" (by one trip to Palestine) is not that of Satan's influence. (Because it is). I fyou want peace for the world, why do you attack Jews and only defend Hamas propaganda? Careful with what you say against G*D, for HE will never accept satanic lies, behavior, mode of thinking. You are condemning yourself on more than one count. Go back to school and learn history and don't you call yourself a Christian if you are a catholic. CATHOLICS KILLED JEWS and you are coming across strongly as a fervent Jew hater. Which puts you on the same level that you are fervently despising (inequality and prejudist by merely witnessing military protecting its land, territory, people and G*D's kingdom. I believe you are not even Catholic, for even your church teaches to love one another and love your enemy. You are bashing an entire race and that is Hitlerism anna escobar.

  11. Read it and weep for your mistakes.


  13. Out of the 5 million square miles of territory that the Ottoman Turkish Empire owned and was distributed by Britain and France primarily.
    How much did the Arabs get?

    Arabs received 99.8% of the land was given to the Arab nations who are independent, they got all the oil. The Jews? They were given 1/5 of 1% of the land. A little sliver of land on the Mediterranean., 8000 sq. miles. So when the demand is made now that Israel should give up land for peace, one has to really take it with ------a grain of salt because they only got one five hundredth of the land that the Arabs got.

    What happened when Israel was created in 1948? The United Nations had come up with a treaty that divided even the limited amount of the Jewish National Homeland that was left between the Arabs and the Jews. The Jews occupied regretfully but they did accept.
    The Arabs said NO, and they launched an invasion the day Israel was created and the British withdrew on May 14, 1948 at midnight that night.

    May 15, 1948 Israel was proclaimed a nation, five Arab armies invaded and attacked and attempted to destroy it before it was hardly born.
    What happened? The Arab nations surrounded Israel invited the Arabs living in Israel to flee, to become refugees. Why? Because they were so confident that they’d come in and without any Arabs around they’d slaughter all the Jewish population and then they told the Arabs “after you’ve left, in a few weeks you’ll come back and you’ll have all the land and all the buildings”.

    Here’s what was said by the Near East Arabic Radio on April 3rd 1948:
    (This was thru an Arabic radio broadcast):

    “IT MUST not be forgotten that the Arab Higher Committee encouraged the refugees to flee their homes in Jaffa, Haifa, and Jerusalem, and that certain leaders make political capital out of their miserable situation….” – RADIO BROADCAST BY NEAR EAST ARABIC RADIO – April 3, 1948”

    Did you know that there were Jewish appeals to ask the Arabs as neighbors to stay and not flee? Because hey said they would protect them and they would not have to hurt at all. The Jewish Haifa Workers Council in 1948 issued an appeal:

    “Do not fear, do not destroy your homes with your own hands, do not bring upon yourself this tragedy by unnecessary evacuation and self imposed burdens….In this city, yours and ours, Haifa, the gates are open for work, and life and peace for you and your families. “ (THE JEWISH HAIFA WORKERS COUNCIL issued 1948)

    Tragically, almost 450,000 fled and thus was created the tragedy. In 1950, April 17, the Arab National Committee of Haifa wrote a memo to Arab governments saying :

    “The Removal of the Arab inhabitants was voluntary and was carried out at our request… the Arab delegation proudly asked for the evacuation of the Arabs and their removal to the neighboring Arab countries”


  15. It pays to study history first before condemning an entire nation and its people, and launching verbal attacks when you don't even have the facts straightened out. Very irresponsible blog author here.

  16. "The American Task Force on Palestine (ATFP) (American Committee on Jerusalem) is an organization founded in 2003 to lobby the United States government on behalf of the Palestinians. The founding aim of ATFP is to advocate an end to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict through the creation of a Palestinian state that will live alongside Israel in peace. ATFP categorically and unequivocally condemns all violence directed against civilians no matter who the victims or perpetrators may be."
    When hell freezes over will there be a Palestinian State. No wonder you come out so indoctrinated against Israel, you are into the Arab scum full of lies and deceptions. Hani Masri is another clown from the arab world.

    By the way, comandante Marcos and Chiapas issue, (you touched on the subject referring to your youtube suggestion to describe what you are unable to), is a completely different story than Palestina. Chiapas does have right to its lands being sovereign and are actually not a part of Mexico even though it is included as part of the Nation. Palestine is not and has never been a 'state' and much less belonging to the refugee people living there. And Israel will never allow more of the tiny piece of land they have to fall on enemy's hands. Israel is in its right to never give one more inch of its land to any Arab terrorists (whether the arabs have children or not).

    By the way, have you considered entering how many 'children's fathers are killed' since the Jews appeared on earth? Try counting Jewish killings by all the Arab nations and the rest of the world who has persecuted them or not helped but foster Arab terrorism.

  17. Your ridiculous notions and articles are nothing more than 'terrorism' in its most latent form against the Jewish people. Your desdain for the truth leaves you wide open for becoming engrossed and grossly distorted world student reports. Travelling to 20 million countries does not give an accurate idea of this world's situation. Try basking yourself in God's Word before you go on terrorising and epitomizing Jews as if they were the world's killers against innocent people. Sadly, you have been deceived succesfully into who is the real enemy.

  18. Do you know what happens to people who attack God and report lies and make the public confused if not become terrorists? They become terrorist themselves, they play unfair, they lie, they steal God's Word away from people who mean to know Him and eventually they lose their soul eternally. Obviously your parents did not teach you about God. Foryour own sake, try reading something out of your Catholic Bible about God's Chosen people and how he punishes those who attack it. Your god is not the Heavenly Father but one who has deceived you and there is one who perfects such art. Satan.

  19. I’d like to verify who taught you about world history – I’ll keep future generations from being exposed to the lies you believe!

    Prior to the Balfour declaration of 1917 THERE WERE NO ARAB STATES. All tribes I guess – but NO states. The British and the French – powers to be – at that time created the division of lands (NOT STATES) previously poorly ‘ruled’ by the Ottomans and Turks – and NINETY-NINE percent of all the land was ‘granted’ to Arabs – only a small – less than one percent of the lands were ‘granted’ for “Jews to have their homeland.
    Then the British went back on their word and began placing obstacles to free Jewish return. Let’s get really mad at the Brits instead – They are liars and greedy thieves – all of them – not really – sound good for propaganda though. What’s so bad about Israel?

    If you took all the guns and weapons from the Arabs – there could be peace in Israel and in Jerusalem and the Middle East. But the same cannot be said for the ‘Palestinians’ (really just ‘Arabs’ that live in or near Jerusalem) –

    If you took all the guns and weapons from the Jews – There would be no Israel – and No Jews –

    That is the ONLY thing the Palestinians are interested in – and that is “to destroy Israel” and “to kill every Jew” –Heck – that statement is right out of their ‘koran’ alleged holy writings.) I speak of the ‘Palestinians’ that are in power – not the cute little kids you photograph – Why not put up some cute photos of a Palestinian with a Rocket-propelled Grenade launcher. It’s apparent that HISTORY (Fact) played NO role in educating you as to the truth of the situation in that region. It is also apparent that you have hatred or at least indifference to the plight of the Jews – at the hands of their ‘Arab ‘Brothers’ (In Abraham). Sure there is tragedy and misery in that area – but there is misery everywhere man has gone – I can’t see blaming that on the Jews. (But the Palestinians would.) What about the FACT that THE LAND ITSELF doesn’t even produce for the alleged home people – the Arabs in Palestina – but the Jews have turned the area they WORK into THE MOST FRUITFUL area ON THIS PLANET – yes that’s right. In 40 years – now most of Europe gets its FRUIT from ISRAEL – and Holland even gets it’s famed tulips from ISRAEL – a Jumbo Jet FULL of them EVERY DAY! – How many planes do you think the ‘Arabs in Palestina’ could fill with beautiful flowers in a year? – Probably NOT ONE! – They would lose the plane to Hamas – Arafat – or some other ‘Holy Icon’ – and then blame it on Israel. And ask the UN to demand that the US give them a new one – only better.
    Why don’t you better use you efforts by telling all the WONDERFUL THINGS THE PALESTINIANS have done for humanity. How many foundations for the betterment of man? How many hospitals? How much foreign aid do they send around the world - And how often? How has their education system bettered our existence? And what do they have to offer that we can’t get somewhere else? I guess I am saying … “What do they PRODUCE? – Other than destruction – of their TRUE heritage - Which is NOT and never was in the land we call Israel.
    ALL THE TALK ABOUT PALESTINE is to take away what little the Jews have. And even that won’t be enough – If Israel was to disappear – to be erased – the Palestinians would simply start terrorizing “Jews without a home” as opposed to “Jews with a home next-door.”

    SO to make a brief history and summary of the ’middle east’ since 1917…

    Of the land – more than 99 percent is ARAB – hey - call ‘em ALL Palestinians
    Of the remaining 1 percent – Israel got a portion.

    Israel has made a Productive nation.
    The Arabs? If God (and FOREIGN technology) didn’t bring oil out of their ground - They would be eating sand – (or Israeli fruit?)

    So let’s get behind the Palestinians – then we can ALL keep our women submissive – without rights– and do whatever the hell we want – without regard to humanitarian anything.

    …from a ‘watchman on the wall’

  20. I know that Jesus never saught to kill the jews who hated him...he never said 'go after the jews and kill them" or 'be anti jew and promote hatred against them'. If a person hates jews without knowing OR KNOWING them, he has promoted the seal of satan of hatred and murder (hatred is murder in God's eyes).

    Jesus taught us to LOVE one another...he didn't make distinctions between a Jew or a foreigner...he said FoR all of us to love our neighbor that meant anybody who was our neighbor. a Jew in Israel or outside of Israel iS a 'human' ...and humans we are born under corruption and sin. ALL HUMANS ARE CORRUPTED not just some and the rest are sinful jews. WE ARE ALL SINFUL.
    Humans (all colors) are under the same curse whereas we are white, black, or yellow. And as sinners we cannot point at one another and say that 'they are less than we' or that 'they are the bad people who hated Christ' because as sinners we all do sin. Jews sin and for their sins they are crucified too---to ignore the anti semitic attitude prevailing and seeking their hatred. Hatred against another human is condemned by God so why do we choose to attack Jews no matter what ???and try to make ourselves look like we are blameless on the kind of sin they did? (fail to see their Messiah is also an act carried out by satan..but satan deceives the entire humanity not just jews).

    Carrying hatred against Jews is profiling them and it is hatred of the same kind God condemns. Who could be behind promoting hatred against another human being but Satan? WHO IS THE GREAT DECEIVER THE FATHER O F LIES? SATAN. SAtan deceives all of us and he has persecuted innocent people hastnt he? Promoting that it is ok to hate Jews, purposely extracting aleged proof that Jews are this or taht for th e purpose of hatred against them, is an act done by satan, because God does not want any humans hating each other.
    HE WANTS HUMANS TO GET ALONG...and so whoever teaches and promotes that humans should not get along with another culture or should go after one race or another and blame all the evil in this world on them...has been preaching and teaching satanic teachings...of hatred. And whoever obeys satan will lose his life.
    Jew or no Jew. We are all judged by the same measures...GOD'S.
    So if one hates a Jew one is sinning greatly against God and the only one that convinces us to sin greatly or sin, period, againstGod is satan. the enemy will convince us no matter what that it is ok to do somethng that is condemned by God. i strongly believe that it is satan who is the only one using people around the world to hate Jews and the land of Israel. The one who wants to break peace and cause war and destruction for Israel NO DOUBT. It was satan who deceived the human race and it will be satan who deceives anybody today into believing falsely and making humanity commit MORE sins to condemn the human race. I know it is Satan who is bringing HATRED against those called Jews. JESUS DID NOT HATE ALL HIS JEWISH FELLOWS WHO DIDN'T BELIEVE HIM...HE DIDN'T APPROVE OF THEIR DISBELIEF AND SYSTEM BUT HE DID NOT CONDEMN THEM. HE PROMOTED 'LOVE THY NEIGHBOR, LOVE ONE ANOTHER, AND WAS AGAINST ANY TYPE OF REBELLION FROM ONE HUMAN TO ANOTHER".

  21. these trolls are so delusional.... hahaha. I love you Annie!

  22. "Israel has made a Productive nation.
    The Arabs? If God (and FOREIGN technology) didn’t bring oil out of their ground - They would be eating sand"

    wow-- Charles easily exposes himself as a racist.

  23. Katy call me 'uncle Joaquin' (instead of 'Charles) - am I a racist then? You know better I guess.

  24. Desde Barcelona, España


    Observen cuan facil es envenenar a la niñez. La manera de sembrar odio en los niños palestinos por parte de sus dirigentes, prepara un futuro cada vez más teñido de sangre y violencia. La paz nunca será posible si ambas partes no trabajan por ella.

  25. ISLAM, THE RELIGION OF PEACE, brings you a video of how Muslims love their children, and thus allow trucks to run over an 8yr old boy's arm to cut it off because the famished boy stole a piece of bread.
    Watch the boy contemplate his fate, as a truck crushes his arm, and his family entertaining the media, to show the balance of peace and justice in their system.